Adelina Adelina Nura received her Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Prishtina in 2005. Currently, she also holds a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Prishtina. She is professionally engaged at the American Hospital in Kosovo as Psychologist. Adelina dedicates a lot of her time to volunteer activities; she offers online counseling through a web site dedicated to youth www.nukjevet.netAdelina Mug_VogelAdelina was an active Hope Fellow at the Health and Education Committee, by contributing her time and energy in the implementation of research report on “The Level of Knowledge about Breast Cancer among Women in Kosovo” and for regular participation in network committee meetings and other activities. Also her valuable contribution was with data entry, processing and analysis of the research report.  Hope Fellowships Thanks her, her acts of volunteerism contribute to a healthy, safe and vibrant Kosovo.

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LejlaLejla Sadiku works as Project Manager per Social Media for Innovative Local Empowerment and Project Officer per Support to Anti-Corruption Effort in Kosovo for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Prishtina, Kosovo. Lejla has been appointed as the Chair of the Economy Committee where she demonstrated self-initiative and contributed as agent of change and promoted women and practiced equal treatment of women in the society. Lejla Mug_VogelEconomy Committee successfully organized and conducted four morning meetings by gathering professional women and men to discuss access to finance for women entrepreneurs; hiring and glass ceiling for women; women’s access to justice and judicial institutions and (4) institutional, organizational and state policies in accordance to the have family demands analyzed the information and published the policy brief “Mainstreaming Gender in Public Policy”. Hope Fellowships Program truly appreciates her efforts and support in making Kosovo a better place.

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BuqeBurbuqe Grajçevci works at the Microfinance Institution KRK – The Rural Finance Project as Human Resources Manager. Burbuqe holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from University of Prishtina and currently is finishing Executive MBA in City College, University of Sheffield. After she came back from Washington DC, Burbuqe established the Association of Human Resources Professionals-Kosova Human Resources Institute (KHRI). Buqe MugBurbuqe is a self-starter and she committed her time voluntarily to the Economy Network Committee in designing and implementing activities needed for the committee.  She organized and facilitated one of the morning meetings of the Economy Network Committee and continuously supports the whole initiative. So, HF thanks her for her hard work, it has been noticed and appreciated.

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Violeta Zefi is a Psychologist who studied in Prishtina University, Department of Psychology. She also holds an MA from Prishtina University, Department of Psychology. Violeta currently works for Kosovo Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS as a Care Coordinator for people living with HIV/AIDS where she provides specialized case management to anyone living with HIV/AIDS. Violeta demonstrated leadership potential and willingness to change the society for better through her volunteer contribution as the Chair of Health and Education Committee. Violeta Mug_vogelShe managed to lead the committee from March till November 2013, by organizing meetings, motivating other Hope Fellows and giving an enormous contribution to finalizing the research report on “The Level of Knowledge about Breast Cancer among Women in Kosovo”. Therefore Hope Fellowships recognizes HER contribution by awarding HER with the Certificate of Appreciation and a small thank you symbol.

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American Psychological Association promotes Blerta Sulhasi’s Project

American Psychological Association promotes Blerta Sulhasi’s project School-based Psychological Services Program (SBPSP), offering group and individual counseling sessions, mental health activities and resources to Kosovar high school youth. Blerta is Hope Fellow of Health and Social Welfare Group. Thank you, Blerta for your contribution in making Kosovo a better place.

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Doracaku “Femra & Qeverisja” nga Komiteti për Qeverisje të Mirë në kuadër të Programit Hope Fellowships të autoreve Merita Maliqi, Shqipe Hajredini, Eliza Hoxha, Ulpiana Lama, Anamari Repić dhe Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa përmbledh një mozaik idesh mbi mundësitë se si femrat në qeverisje mund të zgjerojnë hapësirën e veprimtarisë së tyre politike, barazinë gjinore, imazhin, mediat si dhe zhvillimin e qëndrueshëm. Manuali Femrat&Qeverisja

Manual “Women & Governance” by the Committee on Good Governance within the Hope Fellowship Program of authors Merita Maliqi, Shqipe Hajredini, Eliza Hoxha, Upliana Lama, Anamari Repić and Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa comprises a mosaic of ideas about how women in governance may extend the scope of their political activity, gender equality, image, media and sustainable development.

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NAAC-HF’s Fall 2013 Newsletter

ENJOY      NAAC’s Newsletter – Fall 2013

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