Merita Maliqi is Lecturer at “Victory” College in the Department on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy. Merita holds a Master Degree on International Relations and Diplomacy, at “Victory” College. Currently Merita is PhD Candidate on International Relations at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia She also holds two Bachelor degrees in Political Science in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy from “Victory” College, and English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy and Philology University of Prishtina, Kosovo.  Merita is one of the most active Hope Fellows in the Good Governance Committee. She committed her time to volunteer work at this committee by organizing a debate with “Victory” College students on Merita MugDiplomacy, by her regular participation in meeting and contributing in the publishing of “Women and Governance” manual where she specifically wrote an article about “Elections – Expression of Democracy in Governance” Hope Fellowships Program Thanks you, for your inspiring dedication and being role model for others.



Hope Fellowship was established by the National Albanian American Council (NAAC) and is funded by USAID to strengthen the role of women in policy and decision-making in the Balkans. The program operates in Kosovo, empowering women leaders to create collaborative, sustainable, positive change in government, civil society, and business that strengthen the democratic process and promotes prosperity for all peoples in the country. NAAC’s aim is to contribute to the development of the Balkans by offering concrete support in the form of educational opportunities and tools to foster democratic participation.
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