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Meet our Hope Fellows of Economy and Energy Group

In the link below are the biographies of Economy and Energy Fellows in the Hope Fellowships Web Site. Advertisements

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Reflection upon the International Day of Rare Diseases and Disorders

RARE DISEASES These are the diseases that make people curious, diseases that have bizarre appearance, the ones that have developed new medicine trends, becoming the target to be achieved and dominated, these are the ones that shake students and doctors … Continue reading

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Nora Binishi-Dushi, Health and Social Welfare Fellow Finalized Her Research

Nora Binishi-Dushi, Hope Fellow from Health and Social Welfare group finalized her research on “Procedures of Hygienic Services in Hospital Facilities – Protection of its Internal Environment” – read Full Report. Hope Fellowships wishes Nora many more achievements to come … Continue reading

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Vjollca Godanci our Hope Fellow established her own private health clinic ASKLEPI MED

Vjollca Godanci an Internal Medicine Specialist and our Hope Fellow from Education Group in October 2011 established her own private health clinic ASKLEPI MED. Vjollca at her work place ASKLEPI MED is an Internal Medicine Clinic that offers different medical … Continue reading

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Our Hope Fellow, Vjosa Berisha at Berlinale

Vjosa Berisha, Hope Fellow from Diplomacy and Democracy Group is taking part in 62ndBerlinale, in Berlin, Germany. Berlinale is an International Film Festival taking place this time from  February 9th to 19th 2012. The Berlin International Film Festival is a source … Continue reading

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Arberie Nagavci

I thought that writing about my experience inAmericawill be one of the easiest things to do since there are a lot of things you can write about. Maybe not each day, but each meeting, each event had something worth writing … Continue reading

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Pershendetje për të gjitha, Po besoj se përmes kësaj forme të komunikimit do të kemi mundësi të ngrisim, diskutojmë dhe plasojmë tema me interes të përbashkët jo vetëm për ne por për të gjithë qytetarët e Kosovës dhe më gjerë. Sinqerisht, … Continue reading

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